Follow-up Regarding Our Downtime in May

We understand that there may be ongoing questions from Qualcomm employees following the recent cyber incident at Scripps, and we deeply regret any inconvenience or concern the incident may have caused. Patient care and safety are always a top priority for us and maintaining the confidentiality and security of patient information is something we take very seriously.

Immediately upon learning about the cyber incident, we quickly notified the appropriate authorities, including local and federal agencies. We immediately took steps to contain the situation and further enhance our information security systems. We continue to very closely monitor our systems and make additional updates, if needed, on an ongoing basis. 

Consistent with our commitment to open transparency, we shared as much as we could as early as possible. We needed to be sure that what we communicated was accurate and would not change.  We worked and continue to work closely with state and federal agencies to support their investigations.  

We continue to work with third party experts to investigate the incident and will continue to notify anyone whose information has been impacted. Protecting personal information, privacy, and security of our systems has been and will always be one of our top priorities. 

For questions or assistance, any Scripps patient can contact 1-800-SCRIPPS ( 800-727-4777). The Premier Plan concierge team is also exclusively available to individuals enrolled in the Premier Plan at  844-884-7266 (844-884-QCOM).