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The role of a personal physician

One of the features of the Qualcomm Premier Plans is a focus on integrated and coordinated care. Your personal physician is instrumental in keeping you and your family healthy by monitoring and encouraging you to keep up with preventive care, and by ensuring that care is coordinated across providers so that you aren’t burdened by duplicate tests or left to make sense of different and potentially conflicting treatment recommendations.


A personal physician specializes in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology or pediatrics. By having an established relationship with a personal physician, he/she has a comprehensive understanding of your health care needs and objectives and can respond quickly to address new unplanned health issues or incidents.

Have you selected a personal physician?

If you have already found an in-network personal physician for you and your dependents, please fill out the form for each covered family member and let us know who you/they have selected. If not, check the box below and we will help you find one.